Policy Response to Islamic State Extremist Fighter Battlefield Migration

This Army War College monograph analyzes and provides policy response options for US national security and Army planners concerning the potential for post-territorial caliphate battlefield migration by the sizable contingent of battle-hardened Islamic State foreign fighters situated within various remaining enclaves that remain in Syria and Iraq.  Purchase this Volume

Extremist Migration: A Foreign Jihadist Fighter Threat Assessment

This monograph provides an assessment of the emerging threat posed by foreign jihadist fighters following the reduction in territory controlled by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and recommends ways that the U.S. Army should address the issues highlighted. Purchase this volume

Radical Islamist English-Language Online Magazines: Research Guide, Strategic Insights, and Policy Response

  This Strategic Studies Institute book provides a comprehensive research guide to radical Islamist English-language online magazines, eBooks, and assorted radical Islamist news magazines, reports, and pocketbooks published between April-May 2007 and November 2016, and generates strategic insights and policy response options.