Operational Art and the Campaigns for Mobile, 1864–65

Dr. Dan Jordan’s Staff Ride Handbook for the Mobile Bay campaign covers both the Navy-led action at the mouth of the bay in 1864 as well as the Army-led siege of the city itself in 1865, demonstrating the importance of the interoperability of forces operating in different domains to successfully enable joint forces to create decisive effects. The campaign highlights actions of ground forces in both supporting and supported roles and the importance of cross-domain fires to effect maneuver and achieve victory. The handbook covers ADM David G. Farragut’s famous action at the mouth of Mobile Bay and MG Edward Canby’s intricate plan of maneuver to place his forces in position to force the evacuation of Mobile, one of the Confederacy’s last major ports. This handbook is designed for either a single or multi-day staff ride and is intended for all members of the joint force.     Purchase this volume