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U-Boats “Made in Germany”
German Submarines Today and Tomorrow

Peter Hauschildt

Since WWI, the terms “German Navy” and “U-Boats” have been virtually synonymous. Non-nuclear submarines remain a mainstay of today’s German Navy.

The German shipbuilding industry remains a global technology leader in conventional submarine development. Modern day “U-Boats” are sought after by NATO allies, by Israel, and by other nations around the world. In fact they are a leading export item for Germany’s military industry. And the German Navy’s U-Boat flotilla is a welcome partner in ongoing NATO and EU security operations.

Some experts believe that German conventional submarines have actually assumed the technological lead over nuclear submarines.

U-Boats “Made in Germany” takes a look at current and future submarine technology being produced or developed in Germany today. Advances in Air Independent Propulsion and Fuel Cell Technology; state-of-the-art Command and Control systems such as the ISUS90 system currently deployed on Class 212A U-Boats; improved sonar, communication suites, and IFF systems; acoustic and electric signature reduction technology; and current as well as developmental weapon systems against underwater, surface, land and aerial targets are all discussed.

The author, Peter Hauschildt, is Director of the Concept Development/R&D Division for German Naval Systems at the leading German ship- and submarine construction firm Thyssen/Krupp Marine Systems / Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft GmbH (HDW).

U-Boats “Made in Germany”: German Submarines Today and Tomorrow is published in cooperation with Marine Forum magazine, and is available exclusively as an e-book. Please click the link on this page to purchase and download from