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60 Years Israel Navy
(Chel ha'Yam ha'Yisraeli)

Klaus Mommsen

Much has been written about Israel’s army and air force, but modern historians largely ignore the Israeli navy. 60 Years Israel Navy fills the void. Author Klaus Mommsen, a retired Captain in German naval intelligence, presents a thoroughly researched but highly readable portrait of the Chel Ha’yam from its inception through the early 21st Century.                

Organized chronologically, the book covers all aspects of the Israeli navy’s history, including equipment, operations, organizational development, and distinguished personnel. Naval commando operations feature prominently throughout, as do coup de main strikes by Israeli warships on enemy naval bases. Mommsen also thoroughly depicts how the roles and missions of the Chel Ha’yam have repeatedly changed over the last sixty years, and discusses the decades-long debate between advocates of a coastal defense & commando-oriented navy versus proponents of high-seas operations.               

Another highlight is Mommsen’s narrative regarding the Israeli navy’s covert foreign operations to procure ships and equipment in circumvention of embargos.

Given the unresolved tensions in the Middle East, any narrative of Israeli military history runs the risk of becoming politicized. Mommsen has successfully avoided these shoals. He provides a thoroughly balanced presentation without "political correctness", but with an audible nod of respect for the Chel Ha’yam’s notable achievements under the most difficult circumstances.                

60 Years Israel Navy is a superb addition to the literature on modern Israeli and Middle Eastern military history. Naval and military professionals, scholars, and libraries should add this volume to their bookshelves.

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