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We publish books and monographs in the fields of international affairs and security, military operations and elite units, defense technology, and history. In addition to our own books, we offer selected volumes by the Congressional Research Service as well as by various Department of Defense think tanks and historical institutes. We make these latter books available as printed and bound volumes (they were originally released only in electronic format). While browsing our catalog, please temporarily disable ad-blocking software in order to ensure you can see the purchasing links on each product page.

Books can be purchased worldwide through and Amazon’s international affiliates. Libraries and educational institutions can also purchase our books at discount via Baker & Taylor or through the eStore links on our catalog pages (contact us to receive an institutional discount code).

New - Recent Additions to Our Catalog

Prospects for the Rule of Law in Cyberspace

An overview of moves toward establishing norms and the rule of law in cyberspace, and the potential for establishing further international norms of behavior.

China’s Interests and Goals in the Arctic

This study examines the geopolitical implications of China’s growing involvement in the Arctic for U.S. Interests.

The European Union: Current Challenges and Future Prospects

This volume provides a brief history of the EU and the major challenges currently confronting the EU as an institution. It also discusses the potential implications both for the EU itself and for U.S.-EU relations.

Nonstrategic Nuclear Weapons

Discusses the possibility of modernization and expanded deployment of tactical nuclear weapons  in Asia and Europe.

The Soviet Biological Weapons Program

While Boris Yeltsin shut down the Soviet offensive biological weapons program in 1991, elements of the program remain intact. There is speculation that the current Russian government could reactivate the program.

Trending - Hot Topics of Interest

Charting a Course: Strategic Choices for a New Administration

The Trump administration takes office in a time of great complexity. This book offers valuable policy advice and grand strategy recommendations for the administration’s senior national security staff and counselors.

Should We Let the Bomb Spread?

A lively discussion on the pros and cons of abandoning the policy of nuclear nonproliferation.

The al Qaeda Organisation and the Islamic State Organisation

History, doctrine, modus operandi, and U.S. policy to degrade and defeat terrorism conducted in the name of Sunni Islam.

The Islamic State and U.S. Policy

This report provides background on the Islamic State organization, discusses its goals, operations,
and affiliates, reviews U.S. legislative and policy debates, and describes select FY2017 legislation.

U.S. Sanctions and Russia’s Economy

Evaluates the debate over the impact of sanctions imposed by the U.S. And the European Union following the Russian invasion of the Crimea.