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Ebola: Combating a Global Security Threat

Hampton Roads International Security Quarterly

Volume XV, Nr. 1 (January 2015)

Sidney E. Dean, Editor

Global pandemics – or plagues that decimated the populations of the leading political, cultural and economic centers of their time – have been documented for at least 5,000 years. Over the course of the past century these pandemics have become truly global, thanks to advances in communications and transportation technology. The post-WW I “Spanish Influenza” which struck the United States and Asia is a prime example. As in 1919-1921, wars, conflicts, ecological catastrophes and famines act as a catalyst for the spread of disease. This holds true for the Ebola epidemic currently effecting western Africa, and extending its reach – through individual cases – into Europe and North America. This issue of Hampton Roads International Security Quarterly will discuss the various parameters surrounding this disease and the international reaction – especially from the United States – to contain its spread.