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Hampton Roads International Security Quarterly

Volume XVI, Nr. 4

Pakistan: Partner or Problem?

US relations with Pakistan have been both vital and complex since they were established in 1947. Over the last decade-and-a-half the bilateral relation has continued to swing back and forth. Critics of Islamabad cite continued cooperation with select terrorist and insurgent organizations in Afghanistan, inscrutable activity by the INI, and an uncertain future of Pakistan’s nuclear policy as evidence that the nation is not a reliable ally of the United States or the West. Others are more circumspect, finding that Pakistan’s government must walk a fine line to not alienate significant segments of the populace who harbor Islamist and/or nationalist fervor, while simultaneously presenting themselves as a reliable partner of the West, a partner who can be essential for dealing with crises in Middle Eastern or Muslim nations.
Pakistan: partner or problem? In this volume seven subject specialists review the nation’s positions and activities regarding Islamist extremists, global terrorists, and nuclear proliferation in an effort to shed some light on this question.

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